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「Retinol Series」New Launch

Life pressure, irregular lifestyle, air pollution, and excessive UV exposure cause fine lines, dullness, and loss of elasticity on the face. Neogence's newly launched retinol series is here to help! 3A+1 Ultimate Anti-Aging Formula to solve 8 major aging problems*!

“Retinol Skin-Renewing Serum” and “ Retinol Daily Youth Treatment” are distinguished by different levels of retinol concentration. Whether you are looking for a higher-level retinol product or a daily retinol product to stop aging. Our retinol series is just right for you! 

Retinol is sealed in a double-layer opaque vacuum bottle, completely isolated from the air, keeping every drop of essence stable and effective. 


3A+1 Ultimate Anti-Aging Formula, Maximizing Anti-Aging Effect

The anti-aging ingredient "Retinol" is milder and more effective than Retinoic acid, and is favored by consumers in recent years.
When retinol enters the skin, it will also be converted into retinoic acid, which can effectively improve pores, lines, dullness, increase skin elasticity, and other comprehensive effects.

Neogence has its own R&D team. After a long period of dedicated research on gentle and effective anti-aging skincare, we hereby present you the all new " Retinol Anti-Aging Series".
The exclusive "3A+1 Ultimate Anti-aging Formula" uses 3 kinds of vitamin A derivatives Retinol x Retinal x Retinyl Palmitate, combined with plant-based retinol-bakuchiol to multiply, stabilize and extend the action time of 3A on the skin, at the same time, strengthen the skin's tolerance to 3A. 


Not only pause, but also reverse your skin age!

As we age, we will gradually lose collagen, and our metabolism will slow down. External factors, such as air pollution, stress, etc. will accelerate our skin aging. 
Neogence’s retinol series has two different types of retinol that can fulfil diverse anti-aging needs. 

“ Retinol Daily Youth Treatment”
Fit for those who have never tried retinol products before and want to pause premature aging. 
With exclusive 3A+1 formula: retinol x retinal x retinyl palmitate x bakuchiol, Retinol Skin-Renewing Serum also has sake yeast that could balance skin’s micro-ecology and stabilize skin condition. It also contains 6 moisturizing factors that could improve dehydration caused by stress and fatigue. 

“Retinol Skin-Renewing Serum”
Fit for those who want to see immediate results from anti-aging products and seek age reversal.
Retinol Skin-Renewing Serum has the highest skin-renewing strength 1.8%** and has been proven through the experiment to improve skin firmness, elasticity, dullness, large pores rough skin patches, and can further reduce dehydration lines, dynamic wrinkles, and static wrinkles in 3 days. It also contains 8.5% niacinamide, ceramides, and double peptide to brighten and moisturize the skin. 

*Results based on a third-party notarized research facility, showing the actual improvement effect and satisfaction survey results after 3, 7, 14, and 28 days of product use.
**Contains highest retinol concentration among Neogence product line.



Get started with Retinol!

Although retinol is widely recognized as an effective anti-aging ingredient. Yet because of its highly active feature, it must be used your full understanding of your skin to maximize its effect. Here are a few points that need your attention. 

🙋‍♀️Will the effect deteriorate as the color becomes darker?
      Vitamin A derivative is a highly active ingredient. It is normal for the color to darken as it sits for a long period of time, which does not affect its effectiveness. This product is vacuum-packed to prevent the contents from coming into contact with air. It is recommended to avoid strong light and keep it in a cool place, and use it up within 6 months after opening.

🙋‍♀️What kind of people are not suitable for using retinol?
     1. Pregnant women, breastfeeding women or women who are preparing for pregnancy. Pregnant women are at risk of teratogenicity if they are exposed to retinoic acid derivatives.       
     2. Using other acid products at the same time, retinol series contains skin rejuvenating ingredients, if used in combination with other acid products, the effect will be too strong and may cause damage to the skin. If you want to combine it with other acid products, it is recommended to use them separately in the morning and evening or every other day to avoid burdening the skin. 
     3. It is recommended that you consult a medical professional before and after undergoing any aesthetic treatment.

🙋‍♀️: Do I have to have skin peeling off or stinging when using retinol?
       No! Whether or not a retinol product works after use has nothing to do with peeling or stinging. Depending on your skin type, the way you use the product and the concentration of the ingredients, you may experience different reactions.      Before using the product, it is recommended to test the product on the inner side of the arm or behind the ear to understand your skin's tolerance level. If your face flakes or tingles after using A-alcohol, suspend use of the product until your skin has been repaired and then start again.